Holistic designs for successful delivery of hydrocarbon fluids from increasingly difficult environments

As oil and gas production continues to move into deeper waters and more remote frontiers, the industry is confronted with the challenges of moving reserves from harsh environments to the point of sale. Our integrated design approach to linking the reservoir with the well, pipeline, and process facilities, combined with a thorough understanding of fluid characterization, fluid rheology, and the basic principles of production engineering are helping our customers address the increasingly challenging development of oil and gas production systems.

New design concepts are constantly evolving, and OneSubsea has been at the forefront of these developments, offering cutting-edge technology and hardware solutions ranging from downhole to topside facilities.

Production System Design

Assistance with pressure, liquids, thermal, and chemical management aspects of designs, enabling incorporation of greater operational flexibility.

Production Assurance Management

Early planning for potential flow assurance challenges, such as wax, hydrates, asphaltene, and scale.