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Production Assurance Consulting

Enhance fluid flow from reservoir to market

Our approach
Fluid chemistry and modeling
Production engineering
Production surveillance and operations

Predict and manage production behavior—from reservoir to market.

Changes in production conditions are inevitable as oil and gas fields mature and decline. Solids may form in wells and flowlines, gas or water cut may increase, and reservoir pressure may fall.

Production assurance is the branch of science and engineering involved with predicting and managing production behavior as fluids move from reservoir to market through the changing environment of the reservoir and production systems.

A focus on design and operations

Our production assurance consulting team focuses on the entire fluid journey from the reservoir pore space to the topside facilities, from exploration to abandonment. Optimal production assurance design and operations require a detailed understanding of the fluid, reservoir, well, pipeline gathering system, surface facilities, and conditions in the surrounding environment.

Based on our in-depth knowledge of multiphase fluid flow dynamics and related technical disciplines, our production assurance offerings comprise

  • fluid chemistry and processing
  • production engineering
  • surveillance
  • operations.

This unique and fully integrated approach focuses on design and operational changes in the entire subsea production system, ensuring optimal production, and enhanced ultimate recovery.

Our approach

Leveraging the depth and breadth of Schlumberger, we build on the strength of our

to provide the most integrated production assurance consulting services available.

Meeting every flow assurance challenge

From a network of engineering centers to domain experts in fields as diverse as formation evaluation and subsea controls, we have the resources to help you meet production assurance challenges of every description, adding value in areas such as testing, completions, artificial lift, reservoir evaluation, and integrated project management. Our dedicated technology development program continues to generate the next generation of field development and production management systems.

Building and retaining the most competent workforce

The competence of each member of the consulting team is key to achieving your flow assurance objectives. OneSubsea production assurance consulting gives you access to some of the most technically capable and experienced people in the field. We select the best individuals for every project based on their experience and abilities. Our method of identifying and matching competencies to project requirements is unique within the industry and has proved to deliver results.

Unrivaled training programs, structured career paths, and development opportunities attract and retain the most talented people in the field so that you can feel confident you have the very best people on your project at every level.

Engineers looking at a subsea model on a TV screen
Engineers work together to test fluids in the laboratory

Fluid chemistry and modeling

A comprehensive knowledge of fluid facts helps to mitigate the risks associated with field planning, facilities design, and production optimization. We are the only flow assurance consultancy with the capability to draw on comprehensive reservoir knowledge, investigate the quality of legacy fluid information, integrate knowledge from representative samples, and make use of fully audited laboratory analysis to reduce the risk of contamination and uncertainties.

Data interpretation to field-wide equations of state

Through laboratory analysis and simulation, we meticulously extract all available information to model the fluid journey from reservoir to point of sale. Whether you need to interpret laboratory data or develop a sophisticated equation of state for an entire field, our fluid experts can support you. R&D in fluids and rich field experience from numerous fields worldwide ensure state-of-the-art methodologies and unique workflows for fluid property modeling. Our experts have been instrumental in the development of fluid property models such as the Peng–Robinson equation of state and the asphaltene deposition model.

Our team never assesses fluid effects in isolation. By integrating information from multiple platforms, it is possible to review fluid behaviors from reservoir to facilities. Our unique and inclusive approach explores all possible consequences, minimizes uncertainties, and resolves flow assurance challenges while always protecting your total asset value.

Reservoir fluid sampling and analysis services

Representative fluid samples are essential to a successful production assurance study. With extensive operational and analytical experience and access to Schlumberger resources, we work with you to define sampling and analysis programs.

Production engineering

As oil and gas production continues to move into deeper waters and more remote frontiers, the industry is confronted with the challenges of moving reserves from harsh environments to the point of sale. Our integrated design approach to linking the reservoir with the well, pipeline, and process facilities, combined with a thorough understanding of fluid characterization, fluid rheology, and the basic principles of production engineering are helping our customers address the increasingly challenging development of oil and gas production systems.

New design concepts are constantly evolving, and OneSubsea has been at the forefront of these developments, offering cutting-edge technology and hardware solutions ranging from downhole to topside facilities.

Production system design

Assistance with pressure, liquids, thermal, and chemical management aspects of designs, enabling incorporation of greater operational flexibility.

Production assurance management

Early planning for potential flow assurance challenges, such as wax, hydrates, asphaltene, and scale.

Engineer examining a 3D rendering of subsea equipment on a TV screen
Engineering monitoring equipment at a OneSubsea facility

Production surveillance and operations

Production assurance strategies are an integral part of production operations and often incorporate production surveillance, operational well and pipeline remediation, and techniques to prevent and mitigate factors that can negatively affect fluid flow.

Expert advice for operations management

Effective production operations management requires numerous techniques and tools to monitor and optimize production. OneSubsea can provide expert advice in the following areas:

  • Sensors
  • Data acquisition, validation, and storage
  • Integrated asset management
  • Production operations, including surveillance
  • Well intervention
  • Flowline remediation.

Predictive models to optimize mitigation strategies

A continuous stream of measurements and fluid properties data facilitates effective production operations management. Surveillance instrumentation installed in the flow path delivers data in real time. The data stream feeds predictive models for solids deposition, corrosion, rheology, and thermodynamics.

Measurements such as distributed temperature and multiphase flow parameters reduce uncertainty and improve these models. The result is an effective closed-loop process using fluids data, flow models, and real-time measurements. This loop drives the optimization of mitigation strategies and should be included in the production system design as early as possible. With advanced planning, any overtreatment to address worst-case scenarios can be minimized, and remedial techniques, including thermal, chemical, or mechanical methods, can be put into place to prevent plugging and other challenges to production assurance.

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