An integrated approach to optimizing fluid flow from reservoir to market throughout the life of the field

Production assurance is the branch of science and engineering involved with predicting and managing production behavior as fluids move from reservoir to market through the changing environment of the reservoir and production systems. Changes in production conditions are inevitable as oil and gas fields mature and decline. Solids may form in wells and flowlines, gas or water cut may increase, and reservoir pressure may fall.

A focus on design and operations

Our production assurance consulting team focuses on the entire fluid journey from the reservoir pore space to the topside facilities, from exploration to abandonment. Optimal production assurance design and operations require a detailed understanding of the fluid, reservoir, well, pipeline gathering system, surface facilities, and conditions in the surrounding environment. Based on our in-depth knowledge of multiphase fluid flow dynamics and related technical disciplines, our production assurance offerings comprise fluid chemistry and processing, production engineering, surveillance, and operations. This unique and fully integrated approach focuses on design and operational changes in the entire subsea production system, ensuring optimal production and enhanced ultimate recovery.