Integrated Field Development Solution is a continuous, living subsea development plan that dynamically adapts to everything from changing markets to the performance of your field. It connects all your technical domains from the reservoir to facilities to generate a range of realistic, fit-for-purpose production system responses at any field development stage. The result? Better planning decisions that drive better outcomes over the lifetime of your field.

Upcoming Presentation

ONS 2018

Integrated Subsea Field Development Solution—Enable, Accelerate, and Enhance

Join us for a special presentation at ONS to discover how you can make better planning decisions at every stage of your field’s development. You will learn how we dynamically connect the reservoir, well, seabed, and topside to help you select the right plan that accelerates your time to first oil and enhanced reservoir recovery.

Presented by: Morten Stenhaug
Wednesday, 29 August 13:00
Booth 8200

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurately can a field development be costed?

  • A dynamic planning environment enables exploring and costing all viable options based not only on models but on performance data from subsea fields.

Which domains are included?

  • We bring reservoir, well, seabed, and topside considerations together in one place so you can dynamically explore and efficiently compare development scenarios in real time.

Is the field development plan based on viability at a specific oil price?

  • A flexible phased approach means development grows with the asset and adapts as oil price fluctuates.

Will the scope of the plan be constrained by the capabilities of the oilfield services company?

  • The scale and complexity of subsea projects demand more services than a single organization alone can provide. The integrated field development solution leverages the expertise, experience, and technologies of Cameron, OneSubsea, Subsea 7, and Schlumberger.

Why is the reservoir component critical?

  • Including the reservoir component in hardware cost and design makes it possible to optimize expenditures, maximize technology use, and maximize your revenue for the life of the reservoir.

Why does OneSubsea provide this capability?

  • Drawing on the complete expertise from Schlumberger, Cameron, Subsea 7, and OneSubsea adds significant value in all phases of the development. Such early engagement allows you to realize the benefits of fully integrated delivery access, save costs, and perform better, more efficient subsea operations.