Optimal operation of the subsea boosting system

Our subsea pump control system (SPCS) offers seamless integration of subsea and topside control systems, including control of topside equipment and operator stations. Specifically designed for subsea boosting applications, this control system optimizes operation of the subsea system with high reliability and high availability.

The electrohydraulic SPCS uses fiber optics for subsea-topside communication. It is built up to optimize the control loops for the subsea process equipment.


The SPCS has been supplied for many projects and is operating a wide range of systems, including

  • subsea multiphase pump systems
  • subsea multiphase compression systems
  • subsea multimanifold systems (including control of production trees)
  • subsea raw seawater injection systems (including control of water injection trees).



  • Fast data highway for pump control
  • Extensibility to other subsea or surface equipment through standard industry interfaces
  • Short, robust signal paths for the system controller
  • Fast response times, important when operating high-power rotating equipment such as subsea pumps and compressors
  • Safe monitoring and control of subsea pumps and compressors
  • High-capacity communications link with bandwidth control to take full advantage of subsea instruments like subsea multiphase flowmeters and other data intensive instruments
  • Operation of subsea satellite and full-field developments as part of the subsea production control system
  • Local data storage with trend tools and option for an Ethernet link for remote monitoring and control via the FRIEND remote surveillance and diagnostic system
  • Backup communication through power line modems and superimposing the communication on the power supply lines