A field-proven system that supports an open and modular communications network

Introduced in 2008, the field-proven OneSubsea broadband communication system supports an open and modular communications network connecting all important nodes in the field to efficiently process information and supply electric power to the subsea control modules (SCMs).

It can be included in a communication distribution unit (CDU), which is installed using a standard installation running tool identical to the one used for SCMs. Alternatively, it can be located inside a subsea monitoring module (SMM), which can be installed by diver or lift line. The first broadband communication system was deployed offshore Egypt and has since reached waters offshore China, offshore Australia, in the Gulf of Mexico, and in the Mediterranean Sea.


Features and benefits

  • Fiber-optic communication across 100 mi [160 km] at 100 Mb/s without a repeater

  • Subsea digital subscriber line (DSL) communication over up to 22 mi [35 km] from the subsea distribution unit at 192 kb/s

  • TCP/IP Ethernet connectivity throughout the system

  • Control of up to 10 individual SCMs

  • Subsea power switching capabilities

  • Same footprint as SCM for common tooling